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Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj)

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Yellow Sapphire Stone has been given great importance in astrology. This gem is believed to be of Jupiter, the guru of the deities. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter has been described as an auspicious and benefic planet and to get benefits in the areas related to this planet, Yellow Sapphire Stone is worn.

In the horoscope of birth, Jupiter is considered to be the factor of deeds, knowledge, religion and happiness of children in the previous birth. If Jupiter is sitting in an auspicious place or in conjunction with any auspicious planet, then in this situation the person gets family and social happiness. To get benefits in these areas, Yellow Sapphire Stone, the gem of Jupiter, is worn.

There are many types of stones available in the world which have different characteristics and among them Pukhraj is also famous as a precious stone.

Pukhraj is called Yellow Sapphire in English. Apart from this, this stone is also known by many other names like Guru Ratna, Pushkaraj Ratna, Pushparagam Ratna, Kanakapushyaragam Ratna and Pitamani. Sagittarius and Pisces are the signs of this gem of Jupiter and it is the lucky stone of people born between 21st June and 21st July.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

  • This stone brings success in the field of business, job, education and also improves the economic and social condition.
  • It gives benefits in areas like health, married life, ancestral property.
  • Since Jupiter is the lord of prosperity and wisdom, wearing this stone can bring success and luck in business and jobs in areas that require intelligence and creativity. Apart from people associated with the field of law, education, this stone also benefits businessmen.
  • This stone is considered very beneficial for bringing financial stability and increasing will power. It can be worn to get materialistic pleasures. This is one of the positive benefits of Yellow Sapphire Stone.
  • The biggest advantage of Pukhraj stone is that wearing it removes the problems coming in marital happiness. If there is a rift between husband and wife or if there is estrangement in their relationship, then this situation can be rectified with the help of Sri Lanka Yellow Sapphire Stone.
  • It gives love and marital happiness, so if a girl is unable to get married or there are some difficulties in her marriage or she is unable to get the desired groom, then she should wear yellow sapphire.
  • This gem is also worn to bring happiness and peace in the family and to achieve family happiness. If there is fighting in your family or there is no love between family members, then this problem can be solved with the effect of this stone.
  • Pukhraj is a very powerful and effective stone. Anyone can wear this stone as it does not have any side effects. Also it removes the inauspicious effects of Jupiter as well as other planets.


Health Benefits of Pukhraj


  • Pukhraj is the master of Manipur Chakra out of the seven chakras of the body. This chakra controls the digestive system and the immune system. Yellow Sapphire Stone is worn to provide balance to this chakra.
  • Guru’s Ratna Pukhraj also removes problems like impotence and lack of sexual desire. If a man is suffering from impotence, then he must wear Yellow Sapphire Stone.
  • This is also very beneficial for the skin. And helps in the treatment of skin related diseases such as psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • Sri Lanka Pukhraj stone is also beneficial in curing problems related to the digestive system such as indigestion, stomach ulcers, loose stools and jaundice.
  • This gem provides mental stability by removing anxiety and tension. It has a positive effect on the mind of the wearer.
  • Diseases related to asthma, bronchitis, sinus, lungs can also be cured with this gem.
  • Patients with diseases related to bones, swelling of joints and arthritis also get relief.

How many carats yellow sapphire should wear?

If you want to wear Pukhraj stone, then definitely wear Pukhraj of at least 3.25 carats. If you want to get benefits from Pukhraj stone, then definitely wear at least this much stone. Since it is the gem of Lord Jupiter, it should be worn on a Thursday.

The easiest way to know how much Pukhraj stone you should wear is to look at your weight. Suppose your weight is 60 kg, then you will be benefited by wearing 6 ratti.

In which metal should Pukhraj be worn?

Golden metal means gold is most beneficial for Pukhraj. After this, you can wear Pukhraj by inlaying it in silver as well.

Method of wearing Yellow Sapphire

Since Pukhraj is the gem of Lord Jupiter, it should be worn on Thursday. Wake up on Thursday morning and take a bath and then sit on a clean seat in the place of worship at home. Wearing this stone in 5, 9 or 12 ratti is beneficial.

Take a copper vessel and add Ganges water or raw milk to it and immerse the Pukhraj stone in it. Now chant ‘ऊं बृं बृहस्‍पतये नम:’ 108 times. Light incense-lamps and take out Yellow Sapphire Stone and wear it.

Who should wear Pukhraj?

Sagittarius and Pisces are the signs of this gem of Jupiter and it is the lucky stone of people born between 21st June and 21st July. If you were born between February 21 to March 20 or June 21 to July 21 and your name sounds like Di, Du, Th, Jha, De, Do, Cha, Chi or Ye, Yo, Bha, Bhi, Bhu, Dha, Fa If it is from , da, bhe then you can wear this gem. Apart from this, those who want to sacrifice Jupiter in their horoscope can also wear this stone.

Effect of Pukhraj on twelve zodiac signs

Pukhraj for Aries

This gem proves very beneficial for the people of Aries. Jupiter is the lord of ninth and twelfth house so it will bring you luck, good relationship with father, respect and success. With the help of this gem, your attitude will increase in the field of spirituality.


When Jupiter’s mahadasha and antardasha are going on, especially when Jupiter is afflicted and its own sign is sitting in Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces, then the people of Taurus can wear this. This stone will give you career success and new sources of income. Savings will increase and you will get longevity.


When Jupiter’s mahadasha and antardasha are going on, especially when Jupiter is afflicted and its own sign is sitting in Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces, then the natives of Gemini can wear Yellow Sapphire Stone. Wearing this stone gives a good life partner, success in business, contacts with people in high position, increase in knowledge during the Dasha of Jupiter in Gemini people.


Jupiter is the lord of the ninth house, the most powerful house in the horoscope, so Cancerians can wear the stone of Jupiter. The ninth house is the lord of fortune, success, father, honor and social relations, name and fame etc.

It can be worn when Jupiter is weak, afflicted and set. Wearing Pukhraj during Jupiter’s antardasha and mahadasha gives maximum benefits.


Jupiter is the lord of the fifth and eighth house, so the people of Leo zodiac can wear Sri Lanka Yellow Sapphire Stone. Being the lord of the fifth house, Jupiter is a benefic planet for you. That’s why you can wear Pukhraj throughout your life.

Yellow Sapphire Stone for Virgo

If Jupiter is situated in its own sign or in Sagittarius, Pisces and Cancer in the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Jupiter, then the native of Virgo can wear this stone. Pukhraj gives you peace, happiness. You get the support of your friends.

Yellow Sapphire Stone for Libra

Pukhraj can be worn when Jupiter is in Sagittarius and Pisces and exalted in Cancer. You can wear this stone even in Jupiter’s Mahadasha and Antardasha. Wearing this stone makes Libra people courageous and strengthens their relationship with their siblings.

Pukhraj for scorpio

You can wear Pukhraj stone throughout your life. Wearing this stone will make you intelligent, progress in studies and concentrate. It also brings wealth and prosperity. In Jupiter’s Mahadasha, the effect of Sri Lanka Yellow sapphire is maximum.

Yellow Sapphire Stone for Sagittarius 

Sri Lankan Pukhraj is a very lucky stone for Sagittarius people. When Saturn, Ketu, Mars and Sun are afflicted, weak or giving inauspicious effects in the horoscope, then wearing Pukhraj is most beneficial.

Yellow Sapphire Stone for Capricorn

Capricorn natives can wear Yellow Sapphire Stone in Jupiter’s dasha and Mahadasha. Especially when Sri Lanka Pukhraj is sitting in own sign and exalted sign i.e. Pisces, Cancer and Sagittarius.


You can wear Sri Lanka Pukhraj during Jupiter’s Mahadasha and Antardasha, especially when Jupiter is in its own sign and in an exalted sign. A person is likely to get maximum benefits from Pukhraj during the Mahadasha of Jupiter.


Sri Lanka pukhraj is considered very beneficial and auspicious for the people of Pisces. Jupiter is the lord of the ascendant and the tenth house, which is a yoga karaka planet. That’s why you can wear Pukhraj throughout your life.

Effects of Yellow Sapphire’s ruling planet Jupiter on life

  • Generally Jupiter is the significator of fearlessness, positivity, independence, enthusiasm, profit and honest personality. It is the lord of the ninth house of Sagittarius and the twelfth house of Pisces.
  • Thursday is dedicated to Jupiter in Muhurta Shastra. People born in Sagittarius and Pisces are dedicated, cultured and spiritual because their ruling planet is Jupiter.
  • The person affected by this planet tends to be dutiful, obedient, honest and work towards the welfare of the people.
  • Jupiter is considered one of the most auspicious planets among all the 12 zodiac signs. This planet is very important in Hindu astrology. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer while it is considered debilitated in Capricorn. The representative signs of the planet Jupiter are Sagittarius and Pisces.
  • If the position of Jupiter is strong in the horoscope, then there are many benefits in life such as good health, beauty, happiness, spirituality, power, position and authority etc.
  • By the grace of Jupiter, one gets immense success and happiness in business, career, profession and married life. If Jupiter is afflicted by Shani, Rahu, Mars, then in this situation malefic effects of Jupiter begin. An afflicted Jupiter can make a person poor. The person belonging to this planet is engaged in works for the welfare of the society and becomes the head of a temple or a trust.
  • With the grace of Jupiter, a person can become a good teacher, accountant, pundit, social worker. Due to the influence of this planet, a person can also become the head of a religious institution. Pukhraj is worn to get the blessings of the Guru and to get success and happiness in the related fields. Guru’s Ratna Pukhraj is very powerful and wearing it can end many problems in a person’s life.

Which stone should not be worn with Pukhraj stone?

Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Opal and White Pukhraj should not be worn along with Pukhraj. If you are wearing any one of these stones, then do not wear Pukhraj.

Upratna of Sri Lanka Yellow Sapphire Stone

If for some reason you are not able to buy Stone, then you can wear gold, keru, ghee, saffron and yellow hakik instead. All these gems give only the benefits that you get from Pukhraj.

Where is Pukhraj stone found?

The highest quality Pukhraj gemstones are sourced from Ceylon in Sri Lanka, while the Indian market offers excellent quality options as well. This precious gem can also be found in Thailand, Australia, Montana, Burma, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Tanzania, and Kenya.

In which finger should Pukhraj Ratna be worn?

Every gem gives benefits only when it is worn methodically, along with some rules have been made for wearing every gem, only by following which one can get the full benefit of that gem. According to Ratna Shastra Sri Lanka Pukhraj stone should be worn in the index finger.

On which day should Pukhraj be worn?

Pukhraj Ratna is the gem of Brihaspati, the Guru of the Gods and Thursday is dedicated to Brihaspati Dev. All the work related to Brihaspati Dev is done on this day. If you are wearing Pukhraj stone, then wear it only on Thursday. A day of the week has been fixed for wearing each gem, which is directly related to its ruling planet.

The ruling planet of Pukhraj stone is Jupiter, which is the factor of deeds, knowledge and intelligence before birth. If Jupiter is weak in a person’s horoscope, then the easiest way to sacrifice him is to wear this Stone.

In which hand should Pukhraj be worn?

The gemstone ring is worn only in the working hand. This means that the stone ring should be worn in the index finger of the same hand with which you do all your work. If a person works with left hand then he should wear Yellow Sapphire Ring in left hand. By the way Sri Lanka Pukhraj stone is worn in the index finger of the right hand.

Mantra to wear Pukhraj

ऊं बृहस्‍पते अति यदर्यो अर्हाद् द्युमद्धिभाति क्रतुमज्‍जनेषु। यद्दीदयच्‍छवस ऋतुप्रजात तदस्‍मासु द्रविणं धेहि चित्रम्।।

Other mantra for wearing Pukhraj

ऊं बृं बृहस्‍पताये नम:

Chant the above mantra 108 times before wearing the this. Chanting the mantra increases the power and effect of the blood, so it is necessary to chant this mantra before wearing the Sri Lanka Pukhraj stone.

Best Time to wear Pukhraj

Pukhraj gemstone is worn in a gold ring or locket. This stone is worn on a Shukla Paksha Thursday, Guru Pushya Yoga, Punarvasu, Purvabhadrapada or Visakha Nakshatra.

In how much time does Pukhraj give effect?

After wearing this gem of Guru, the person starts getting effect within 30 days. After wearing, the effect of this gem lasts for 4 years and after that it becomes inactive. A new Yellow Sapphire is worn after the Sri Lankan Pukhraj becomes inactive.

Where is Pukhraj stone found?

Yellow sapphire is found in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, China, Australia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan and Kashmir and Montana. About 150 years ago, stones were found inside the earth’s surface, from which strong pressure and heat produced Yellow Sapphire Stone.

History of Pukhraj Ratna

The history of this stone is very ancient. In ancient times, beautiful women used to keep this gem with them to save their chastity. One reason for this was that the Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire stone is a symbol of purity and women used to protect their chastity by keeping it with them.

Upratna of Yellow Sapphire Stone

If a person cannot wear Pukhraj, the gemstone of Jupiter, for some reason, then he can wear gold over Pukhraj. Although there are many other gems above Pukhraj, but gold is considered the best.

Benefits of Golden Gemstone: Wearing golden gemstone above Sri Lanka Pukhraj gives freedom from financial crisis and debt. This precious stone also has the power to remove mental stress. This stone can be worn to achieve higher education and to be successful in the field of education.

Technical composition of Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow sapphire is said to be the hardest mineral after diamond. The hardness of this gem is 9 on the Mohs scale. You can see this stone in many shades of yellow. The element of Pukhraj stone is considered to be the sky. Yellow sapphire is aluminum oxide.

Yellow Sapphire Stone Gemstone Price

Usually in India, yellow sapphire of good quality is available from Rs 2,500 per ratti to Rs 40,000 per ratti. However, the better the quality of Pukhraj, the higher its price.

Where to buy Pukhraj gemstone?

If you want to buy certified and high quality Pukhraj, you can get it from RudraGram. You can also order this gem online. Contact on this number to get Pukhraj Ratna 7017647662.