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Shri Sampurna Yantra

Shri Sampurna Yantra

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Buy Shri Sampurna Yantra

The most dynamic Yantra is Shri Yantra. As a result, it is also called ‘King of All Yantras’ and is considered the home of all Gods and Goddesses. Meditation, concentration, contemplation, and concentration are all enhanced by it.

In the “Saundarya-Lahiri” composed by Adiguru Shankaracharya, the structure of Shri Yantra, the dwelling place of Goddess “Tripursundari,” is enigmatically revealed. The Yantra is dedicated to Mahalakshmi, the consort of Vishnu and the Bestower of Wealth, in her Tripursundari form. A variant of this Yantra is called Shree Chakra.

The word Shree Yantra combines two words, “Shree” and “Yantra”. Since wealth is defined by “Shree” and instrument by “Yantra”, it can be called “The Instrument for Wealth”.

Shri Sampurna Yantra

In certain situations, a single Yantra is not sufficient to solve a highly complicated problem, and, in these cases, a specific set of Yantras is used. Yantras containing these sets are called Sampoorna Maha Yantras, and they are absolute Yantras. Twelve smaller Yantras are placed around the main Yantra in support of the main Yantra.

Sampoorna Shree Yantras consist of 13 Yantras that are engraved in a special esoteric pattern & configuration that can be used to help achieve whatever the individual desires. There is one Sampoorna Shree Yantra in this size, which measures 8×8 inches.

Shri Sampurna Yantra Benefits

The Shree Yantra symbolizes Goddess Laxmi. Brings the devotee stability and success by removing his or her financial and mental problems.

Shree Yantra is the generator of supreme energy in the form of waves and rays. This energy is very powerful and magnetic. They are converting to the surrounding area, destroying all destructive forces within the atmosphere.

Yantras are believed to possess hidden energies of divine power that can reveal within a short period. In addition, a sacred instrument, the Shree Yantra, has a mythological connection with Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune, prosperity, and benefits.

Vedic culture and traditions are the hallmark of Hinduism. Shree Yantras are Sanskrit words that describe any object or geometric diagram used to facilitate meditation. Various philosophers and scientists worldwide have expressed interest in using the Shree Yantras.

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