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Shri Navgrah Yantra Kavach Pendant

Shri Navgrah Yantra Kavach Pendant

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Shri Navgrah Yantra Locket

Astrology states that Navagraha plays a significant role in our lives and directly affects our zodiac signs. Every planet is a manifestation of Lord Shiva Rudra. At the same time, both positive and negative occurrences in a person’s life are influenced by the motion of the planets. For example, suppose there is no conflict in the home.

In that case, everything you do starts to suffer, adversaries annoy you, your health starts to deteriorate, you lose respect in society, and children start to disturb you. Therefore, astrologically speaking, it indicates that you have Navagraha doshas. Some of your planets are weak or in poor condition due to changes in the solar system. The horoscope also features nine Navagraha Gods.

Why worshiping a planet’s deity?

Worshiping a planet’s deity can bring favorable outcomes if that planet is weak in your horoscope. Although there is a unique Yantra locket for each of the Navagrahas’ planets, some Vedic astrologers advise using the Navagraha Yantra, also known as the Navgraha Yantra Locket. People who worship or wear the Navagraha Yantra or Navgraha Yantra Locket can solve any problem, but this should only be done when the nine planets in your horoscope are polluted.

To earn Satkarma and boost the effectiveness of this puja rite, some items will be given to the temple, and some will be offered to animals and birds following Hindu Shastras. The quick fulfillment of the devotee’s wishes and favorable outcomes are made possible by this philanthropy.

Benefits of the Navgrah Yantra Locket

  • This locket includes success, good health, and spiritual advancement.
  • The Navagraha Yantra also purges the planets of all their doshas and all of their adverse consequences.
  • Brings optimism into the worshipper’s life
  • Promotes marital peace
  • Attracts and safeguards prosperity
  • Guards against evil eyes and negative energies
  • Improves the worshipper’s general quality of life

Why choose RudraGram to Purchase Navgrah Yantra Locket?

At RudraGra, we ensure that all our customers receive Navgrah Yantra Locket items after correct energization and pranpratishtha. To properly energize and perform pranpratishtha, we place devotee’s name before shipping the Locket Yantra. These yantra will be sending on correct date, time, and place of birth when ordering the Locket Yantra.

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