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Shri Laxmi Kavach locket

Shri Laxmi Kavach locket

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What is Shri Laxmi Kavach Locket and its importance?

Shri Laxmi kavach Locket, by whose name it is known, that armor which is a symbol of wealth and splendor. Lakshmi Maa represents happiness, peace and opulence. People always see the meaning of Lakshmi as associated with wealth, while the word Lakshmi is an attribute of consciousness. Such a consciousness that makes things that are not of use useful.

Thus, when this Kavach is used with the word Lakshmi, its importance also increases immensely. This armor is also called Dhan Lakshmi Kavach. Let us tell that Dhan Laxmi Kavach has the quality of consciousness. Through this, a person is able to make full use of small resources. Let us know about the amazing benefits of Maha Dhan Laxmi Kavach.

Importance of Shri Laxmi Kavach

  1. This maha laxmi kavach bestows wealth and splendor to the person.
  2. Laxmi Dhan Kavach is helpful for maintaining happiness and peace in the house.
  3. Through this shri laxmi kavach a childless woman gets a son.
  4. Maa Lakshmi resides permanently in that house.
  5. The person remains physically and mentally healthy.
  6. This shri laxmi kavach is helpful in getting rid of all financial troubles.
  7. Lakshmi Dhan Kavach eliminates the Vastu defects present in the house.

How to wear Shri Lakshmi Kavach?

  1. Friday is considered to be the most auspicious day to wear Laxmi Kavach.
  2. After taking bath in the morning, spread red cloth on the post and keep the idol of the mother.
  3. Offer red chunari, red flowers and vermilion to the goddess.
  4. After that offer sweets, nuts or fruits etc. as bhog.
  5. Then, while chanting the Lakshmi Beej Mantra 108 times, offer a locket in the form of armor or armor at the feet of the goddess.
  6. In this way Lakshmi Dhan Kavach or locket should be worn.

Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra – β€œSri Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnyai Cha Dhimahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat.”

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