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Shaligram Mala, Unique and Rare Collection (8mm), Specification

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First of all, the question that comes to our mind is where to find the original Shaligram, and the simple answer to this is the Gandak River ( Nadi) . It is the only place where these original Shaligrams are found. By combining these small Shaligrams, a Mala is made which is very beneficial.

Benefits ( Fayde ) & Uses of Shaligram Mala

1. Spiritual Protection

The Shaligram mala is believed to provide spiritual protection and ward off negative energies. It is considered a powerful tool for spiritual practices and rituals.

2. Increases Focus and Concentration

It helps in calming the mind and attaining a deeper state of meditation.

3. Increases Positive Energy

It is said to attract positive energy and create a harmonious environment, thereby uplifting the overall aura.

4. Improves Spirituality

 It is considered a sacred symbol that aids in deepening one's connection with the divine.

5. Blessings of Lord Vishnu 

Shaligrams are considered sacred forms of Lord Vishnu. Wearing the Shaligram mala is believed to attract the blessings and grace of Lord Vishnu, promoting spiritual well-being and progress.

 6. Purification and Cleansing

It is thought to purify the mind, body, and soul, helping in the removal of negative energies and obstacles.

 7. Healing and Blessings

It is promote physical and mental well-being, offering blessings for good health, prosperity, and overall abundance.

Shaligram Mala Price 

The Price of Shaligram mala is different at different places, but here at Rudragram, the price for it is only Rs. 297 INR.

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