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Buy Ruby Stone (Manik Stone) for Great Health, Will Power, Fame & Reputation

Buy Ruby Stone (Manik Stone) for Great Health, Will Power, Fame & Reputation

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Ruby represents most powerful Sun planet in Vedic Astrology. It brings enormous Success, Financial Growth, Recognition, Power and Authority to the person.

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Product Information

 Cut  Oval
 Weight  3.25 - 10.25 Carat (Available)
 Origin   Bangkok
 Certification  Government Approved Lab
 Delivery Time  Approx. 3-7 Days (All Over India)
 Order on WhatsApp  +91 7017647662

In astrology, Sun is considered to be the representative of father and soul. With the grace of Sun, the native can also get a government job. If you are interested in achieving a high position in the job, then you should wear Ruby Stone, the gemstone of the Sun.

Precious gemstone ruby ​​is red and light pink in color. Sun’s Ratna Manikya is like nectar for career. People who are not getting success in the field of career, they will be benefited by wearing ruby.

Ruby Stone Benefits

Exploring the Ruby Stone Benefits can lead one to a treasure trove of wonders. One of the primary Ruby Stone Benefits is its association with vitality and vigor, making it a popular choice for those looking to boost their energy levels. Another of the Ruby Stone Benefits is its reputed ability to attract wealth and prosperity. The Ruby Stone Benefits extend to emotional healing, where it's believed to foster courage and passion. In terms of physical health, the Ruby Stone Benefits include improving circulation and fighting off infections, which is why many are drawn to this gemstone. Additionally, the Ruby Stone Benefits are often sought in meditation and spiritual practices, as the stone is thought to deepen one’s connection to the spiritual realm. Lastly, the aesthetic appeal is one of the Ruby gemstone Benefits that cannot be overlooked, as it adds a striking touch of beauty to any piece of jewelry.

  • Energy circulates in the body by wearing ruby, the sun’s gem. The person who wears this stone gets all the qualities of Sun God.
  • Wearing this gem also increases a person’s pride and fame. The person who wears Manik Stone i.e. Ruby stone gets respect in the society.
  • With the power of this stone, a person gets leadership qualities, with the help of which he can work in the official and administrative sector.
  • Due to the auspicious effect of Sun God, a person’s self-confidence increases and his tendency to hesitate also goes away.
  • Ruby also enhances the feelings of passion, love, enthusiasm and compassion. This gem also increases the attractiveness of the native.
  • When the Sun is in the second or fourth house in the birth chart, the native may have conflicts with his family members. In such a situation, to strengthen the family relations, one should wear ruby, the gem of the sun.
  • If you want to get a government job then it can help you in fulfilling this wish.
  • This gem is also worn for profit and progress in business.
  • If you are facing problems or obstacles in your career or you are not able to get the desired job, then pearl can help you in this direction.
  • This is also worn to get promotion.

Health benefits of Ruby stone

  • It is also advised to wear ruby ​​to fight depression and overcome it.
  • It can also cure eye diseases and disorders related to blood circulation.
  • Manik Stone has the power to remove fluctuations in blood pressure, heart related problems and bleeding disorders.
  • It can cure high and low blood pressure and disorders related to brain and lungs.
  • This gem purifies the blood and helps in keeping the heart and liver healthy.
  • Ruby controls pitta in the body.
  • Manik Stone (Ruby Stone) should be worn in how many Ratti
  • Sun’s gem Manik Stone must be worn at least 2 to 3 ratti. In Vedic astrology, ruby ​​stone of 5 to 7 ratti is considered the most correct. The easiest way to know the size of ruby ​​you should wear is by looking at your weight. Suppose your weight is 60 kg, then wearing 6 ratti ruby ​​will be beneficial for you.

In which metal should ruby ​​be worn?

Gold and copper metals are most beneficial for Sun’s ruby ​​stone. You can wear Manik Stone in a silver locket or ring.

Method of Wearing Ruby ​​Stone

Ruby, the gemstone of Sun, should be worn on Sunday. Wake up in the morning on Sunday and take a bath. After this, take a clean seat in the worship place of your home and take a vessel of copper or any metal. Fill basil leaves, gangajal and raw milk in this vessel.

Now soak ruby ​​stone in this vessel. After this, chant the mantra ‘Om Hree Sun Suryaya Namah’ 108 times and then take out the ruby ​​stone and wear it after cleaning it with a clean cloth. Wearing this stone in the bright half of the moon is most fruitful.

Who should wear Ruby Stone?

Sun is the ruling planet of Leo, so the people of Leo can wear ruby ​​stone. Apart from this, it is the lucky stone of people born between 21st July to 20th August. If you were born between 21st July to 20th August and your name starts with Ma, Mee, Moo, Mo, Ta, Ti, To and Te then you can wear this stone. Apart from this, it is also advised to wear Manik Stone if the position of the Sun is weak in the horoscope or to increase the strength of the Sun.

Don’t wear this gem with Ruby Stone

The planet Sun has inimical relations with Venus and Saturn, therefore the gems of Venus should not be worn like Diamond or Opal and Sapphire of Saturn. Apart from this, it is inauspicious to wear garlic and onyx along with ruby.

Upratna of Manikya Ratna

If you are not able to wear Manik Stone for some reason, then you can wear Red Garnet, Rubylite and Red Onyx over Ruby. Tiger eye stone is also the best substitute of ruby.

Which place has the best Ruby Stone

At present, Africa is the largest producer of ruby. Apart from this, ruby ​​stones are also found in Thailand, Cambodia and Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Namibia, Japan, Scotland and Burma.

Manik Stone Price

Understanding the Manik Stone Price is crucial before making a purchase. The Ruby Stone Price varies significantly based on several factors, including the stone's origin, color, clarity, and cut. The Ruby Stone Price can be a reflection of its rarity and demand, making it imperative for buyers to research the Ruby Stone Price beforehand. We provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the complexities of the Manik Stone (Ruby) Price, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Whether you're a collector or a first-time buyer, knowing the current Ruby Stone Price is the first step to a wise investment. Stay updated with us for the latest insights on the Manik Stone (ruby) Price fluctuations and trends."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ajay Pandey
Good Natural Stone

Stone is natural and good but size was small then expected and thin. There was blackness on one side of stone, so had to return. Otherwise its a good Natural stone at this price for those who has limited budget.

Thank You For Your Valuable Feedback

Rajat Malik
Honest Review !!!

Guys, this manik stone is 100% natural and genuine. It comes with a laboratory testing report. According to the report, the weight of this stone is same. I will give you some tips to identify the stone is genuine or not. This method is 90% effective and the rest is stone 100% genuine, its identity can be confirmed only by the gemstone laboratory test.
* Tips :-
1. The genuine stone is slightly heavier than the fake stone.
2. The genuine stone has less shine than the fake stone.
3. There is some lines inside the genuine stone whereas there is nothing like this in the fake stone.
4. There are some scratches on the genuine stone, whereas there is nothing like this on the fake stone and he looks very beautiful to see.

Hi Rajat, Thank You For Your Valuable Feedback