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Natural rudrakash (barik) bead and original moti (barik) mala for high BP problem & calm mind

Natural rudrakash (barik) bead and original moti (barik) mala for high BP problem & calm mind

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What are the benefits of Rudrakash Bead and Original Moti?

Every part of our body is connected with blood circulation from heart to brain and then to the rest of the body. Due to stressful lifestyle, a person becomes victim of many diseases. In such a situation, Rudraksha bead solves these problems by stabilizing the body and having an effect on the heart and senses. Wearing a rudraksh garland is not only good for heart health, but it also maintains good blood circulation.

It is the best treatment for heart attack and high blood pressure. An ancient source lists the following characteristics of pearls: The best pearl has a star-like radiance. An original moti is one such pearl; it would have been round. It is sturdy, tidy, exceedingly pure, smooth, and clean. A shadow can be seen in it. There are no lines on it, and there are no injuries anywhere.

Due to their dynamic polarity characteristics, rudraksha beads behave like a magnet. Rudraksha unclogs the body’s obstructed veins and arteries because of its magnetic impact. It also enhances blood flow while worn. The unique feature of Rudraksha beads is its capacity to cure all bodily ailments and discomfort. There are a lot of these folks in your community whose personalities are endearing in terms of self-assurance, wit, and patience.

The ability to control the brain is what enables such performance. Strong people have both mental and physical control. Rudrakash Bead and Original Moti help to mould a person’s personality and energise the user. Let us tell you that wearing a 1 mukhi rosary cultivates patience, a 4 or 6 mukhi rosary fosters wisdom, and a 9 mukhi rudraksha garland boosts self-assurance.


  1. Nearly 90% of pearls are composed of lime. Pearls therefore effectively heal illnesses brought on by a deficiency in calcium.
  2. Eye problems can be treated with anjana of pearl powder and experience relief. Additionally, this gives the eyes a brighter appearance.
  3. Using Moti ka Bhasma or Pishti can significantly boost memory power. It treats all conditions associated with mania and air disorders.
  4. Using pearl ash increases the capacity of the digestive system. Its ashes are highly effective against leucorrhoea in both men and women.
  5. It eliminates weakness and fatigue.
  6. The heart is strengthened by Original Moti. Put the pearl in a container and fill it with water if you have typhoid. The patient experiences an immediate boost from drinking the same water, but the weakness persists.
  7. The following are some well-known pearl-based medications: Mukt Panchamrit Churna, Basant Kusumakar, etc. You may also use these medications, but only after consulting a reputable ayurvedacharya.
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