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Green Hakik Mala for Budh (Mercury), Specification, Benefits

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Green Hakik Mala is a cherished gemstone bead string, traditionally revered for its close association with the planet Budh (Mercury). Often sought by spiritualists, astrologers, and those in tune with the universe, this mala offers a harmonious blend of elegance and spiritual benefits.

Specifications of Green Hakik Mala for Budh 

Material: Authentic Green Hakik (Agate) stones

Number of Beads: 108, uniformly sized and perfectly rounded.

Thread: Durable, wear-resistant string designed for prolonged usage.

Length: Approximately 28 inches, suitable for chanting and wearing.

Origin: Ethically sourced and crafted with precision.

Key Benefits of Green Hakik Mala for Budh

Improved Communication: Budh (Mercury) signifies communication. Wearing or praying with this mala can sharpen communication skills and foster eloquence in speech.

Improved Concentration: Ideal for meditation enthusiasts, it assists in deepening focus and strengthening mental clarity.

Emotional Balance: Green Hakik is known to calm the nerves, reduce stress, and cultivate emotional stability.

Astrological Alignment: For those who believe in the celestial influence of planets, this mala is believed to strengthen the positive effects of Mercury in one's horoscope.

Health and Vitality: Green Hakik is often associated with boosting physical strength and vitality. It's also said to promote good health and ward off negative energies.

Incorporate the Green Hakik Mala into your spiritual practice or daily life to invite serenity, clarity, and alignment with the universe's energies. Whether you're an astrological enthusiast or someone seeking inner peace, this mala is a harmonious companion on your journey.