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The Gomed Stone of the Garnet group is related to the shadow planet Rahu. In Vedic astrology, Rahu has been given the title of shadow planet and generally this planet is considered cruel. Rahu is known to give negative effects but with the help of Onyx gemstone its negative effects can be reduced or completely eliminated.

In English, Gomed is known as Hessonite stone. According to the scriptures, the Onyx gemstone contains the energy of the cruel and powerful Rahu.

Benefits of wearing Gomed Stone

  • If a person has Kalsarp Dosh in his Kundli, then Gomed stone is no less than a boon or a miracle for him. Wearing this stone can reduce the inauspicious effects of Kalsarp Dosh.
  • People who do business in the fields related to politics, public relations, communication, they get wonderful benefits from wearing onyx. These people get power, prosperity and success by wearing Hessonite stone.
  • If someone is passing through Rahu’s antardasha or mahadasha, then he will also get benefit from wearing Rahu’s gemstone. This stone helps to protect you from the malefic effects of Rahu.
  • This stone can also be worn to defeat enemies and opponents and to remove pessimistic thoughts.
  • People whose mind is surrounded by confusion and apprehensions, they should wear Rahu’s stone. This stone brings transparency in thoughts. By removing the fear of the mind, onyx increases the self-confidence of the person and motivates him.

Gomed Stone Health Benefits

  • If you have an upset stomach or you are troubled by stomach related disorders or your metabolism is weak then you can wear onyx. This gem increases the physical strength of a person.
  • It also has a positive effect on the brain. You can help this stone to overcome stress and depression.
  • Hessonite can also be worn to ward off a variety of diseases and health conditions such as epilepsy, eye infections, allergies, cancer, sinusitis, varicose veins, high blood pressure and nausea.

How many ratti of Gomed Ratan should be worn?

At least 6 ratti onyx gemstone should be worn. The easiest way to know how much Gomed stone should be worn is to see your weight. Suppose your weight is 60 kg, then you will be benefited by wearing 6 ratti opal.

Method of Wearing Gomed Stone

Onyx, the gem of Rahu, should be worn on a Saturday. It should be worn on any Saturday of Shukla Paksha in Saturn’s Hora or Swati, Adra or Shatabhisha Nakshatra.

In which metal should Gomed stone be worn?

Silver metal is best for Gomed stone. Apart from silver, you can also wear it in Panchdhatu. The ring of this stone is worn in the middle finger.

On Saturday evening, sit in front of the temple established in your home with a clean seat. After this, take a copper utensil and add gangajal or raw milk to it and immerse the onyx gem in it. Now chant Rahu’s mantra ‘Om Raan Rahave Namah’ 108 times. After chanting the mantra, give incense and lamp and then wear this gem.

Disadvantages of Gomed Ratan - Gomed Ratan ke Nuksan

Avoid wearing this gemstones - If you are wearing onyx, the gemstone of Rahu, then refrain from wearing ruby, coral, and topaz alongside it.

Upratna of Gomed Stone

Although onyx is not a very valuable gem, but if you are not able to wear Rahu’s Hessonite stone for any reason, then instead of onyx, you can wear tursa or safi. Onyx colored aqeeq can also be worn instead of hessonite.

Which place’s Gomed is the best?

Sri Lanka is considered to be the best and of the best quality. Apart from this, hessonite is also found in Brazil, Africa and India.

Price of Gomed Ratna

The price of Gomed stone depends on its colour, quality and cut etc. The starting price of Onyx is Rs 500 per carat. Hessonite stone also comes in less or more price than this.

Where to buy Gomed Ratna?

If you want certified and high quality Onyx, you can get it from RudraGram. You can also order this gem online. To get Gomed Ratna contact on this number – 7017647662