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2 Mukhi Rudraksha

2 Mukhi Rudraksha

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Natural 2 Mukhi (Two Face) Rudraksha of South India origin with Certificate of Authenticity.

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Product Information

 Face  2 Face
 Size/Weight  25-30mm / 3.5-4.0gm
 Origin   South India
 Certification  Government Approved Lab
 Pooja/Energization  Basic Energization (Free)
 Delivery Time  Approx. 3-7 Days (All Over India)
 Order on WhatsApp  +91 7017647662

What is the 2 Mukhi Rudraksha

Natural original 2 Mukhi (Two Face) Rudraksha of Nepal (Himalayan) origin with Certificate of Authenticity. This original Rudraksha is energized & activated for best results. Wear it in Silver, Gold, Copper or Panchdhaatu (5 metals alloy) pendant or in mala for benefits.

2 Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to be the combined form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. There are two natural lines on its aspects. According to ancient mythology, Lord Brahma blessed both the deities to be so close that they started melting into each other.

Since Rudraksha is very close to Lord Shiva, it is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is worn by many people in Asia and beyond. It represents Lord Ardhanarishvara who is half male and half female. Like any other gemstone Rudraksha is also ruled by a planet. Its ruling planet is Moon.

According to your birth chart, if the waning Moon is in a deliberate position, it can affect your life negatively. It can make you restless, lose concentration and also bring bad luck in life.

At such times you should consult an astrologer, who will read your chart and tell you about the malefic planets and suggest ways to pacify them.

Rudraksha 2 Mukhi is believed to bring harmony in life, promote a good understanding between lovers and relatives.

It is also considered a symbol of the moon and the sun. As it carries the power of two deities.

Two Mukhi Rudraksha makes a person purposeful and realizes his goal in life. As it is a divine form of integration of mind and soul, it is sure to bestow inner bliss, happiness and wealth.

Even though Rudraksha is not directly related to astrology, but it has astrological benefits due to the blessings of Lord Shiva. Being a powerful element, one must make sure to wear it after consulting an expert astrologer.

There are many types of Rudraksha available with different purposes and benefits. You need to find out which one is best for you and wearing it will multiply its benefits.

Maa Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) also showers her blessings on the wearer and the wondrous radiating power keeps the mind balanced. We face Rudraksha bead, helps the wearer to focus his mind, and spiritual power. If pregnant women wear two mukhi rudraksha beads around the waist then the delivery of their child can be easy.

2 mukhi rudraksha pendant is the visible form of Lord Shiva combined with Maa Shakti. This is a very powerful Rudraksha for a very good relationship between life partner, business partner, children and parents, co-workers, co-workers etc. It is comes in many varieties, But broadly, two varieties are abundantly available, namely Nepali 2 Mukhi and 2 Mukhi from Haridwar, India.

Nepali 2 Mukhi rudraksha is very rare, the Nepali variety is more expensive than the Indian variety. Wearing two mukhi Nepali beads effectively facilitates marriages for boys and girls whose unions are not materializing due to various reasons. Such individuals are experiencing significant progress. These are the people I should consult with prior to proceeding. 

If you are interested in other varieties of Rudraksha, please let us know. Take the next step towards harnessing the power of rudraksha by placing your order now!

2 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

  • This Rudraksha is worn for the happiness of married life.
  • By wearing 2 Mukhi Rudraksh, there is peace and happiness in the family. You can also wear this Rudraksha for family happiness.
  • It acts as a protective shield to protect against diseases like obesity, heart disease.
  • One can wear this Rudraksha to get protection from evil spirits and to get rid of the sins of Brahmahatya and cow slaughter.
  • This Rudraksha is a symbol of integration, hence it strengthens the bond between husband and wife, allowing them to enjoy true conjugal bliss.
  • It also helps couples who are facing tough times in their married life.
  • It is ideal for people looking for a life partner.
  • Childless couples are also benefited by wearing 2 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • It also harmonizes other relationships between parent and child, friends and siblings.
  • It brings stability and peace in the life of the wearer due to its ruling planet, Moon.

Health Benefits of 2 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • It also benefits people with stomach, gastric or kidney problems.
  • As per ancient Hindu Vedic texts, a 2 Mukhi Rudraksha wards off impotence, lack of concentration, kidney failure, stress, anxiety, depression, negative thinking, eye problems.
  • Works remarkably well for the treatment of various diseases like mental chaos, mania, intestinal disorders etc.
  • It cures diseases related to kidney and intestine.
  • It improves the fertility and sexual health of the wearer.
  • Positivity makes a person feel happy which improves his overall health.

Who should Wear 2 Mukhi Rudraksha

A person who follows good relations with friends as well as having a stable family life with peaceful relationship with family, relatives and co-workers as well as large circle of friends.

A person who is inclined to face the problem of conceiving a child due to the good and suitable match as well as the strained relationship between all the couples.

Ruling Planet of Two Mukhi Rudraksha

The deity represented is Ardha Nareshwar (the sum of male and female energy). It causes a harmony of energy between two individuals leading to a happy and lasting union. It is an excellent bead for improving relationships.

Two Mukhi Rudraksha corrects malefic effects of Moon. It helps to stabilize the mind, which makes a person more meaningful, making a person to complete a task before moving on to the next one. It also helps with diseases of the left eye, the body’s fluid system (75% of the body is water and water is represented by the moon-tide effect), kidney failure and the intestinal system.

According to ancient Vedic texts, this bead is the solution to stress, anxiety, depression and negative thoughts. It is especially useful for people who have eye problems and who have a history of hysteria.

2 Mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Method

Om Namah or Om Namah Shivay should be chanted 108 times before wearing the 2 Mukhi Rudraksha. This gives you double the benefits of 2 Mukhi Rudraksha.

What is the cost of 2 mukhi original Rudraksha?

The cost of Two Mukhi Rudraksha depends on the origin and size of the bead. Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal is very rare and found in nature. Sacred beads are available from South India and these beads are also very powerful. But at Rudragram, the cost of a 2 Mukhi Rudraksha is only 600 INR.

Method of worship of Two Mukhi Rudraksha

Before wearing your Rudraksha, it is very important for you to energize it by performing ritual worship. To perform this Puja of Mukhi Rudraksha, wake up on Monday morning (as this Rudraksha is represented by Lord Shiva), clean the place where the puja will be performed. Take a bath and wear clean clothes.

It is advisable to sit facing the North-West direction of your house. Take holy ‘Gangajal’ in a copper vessel and place Rudraksha in it and wash it gently. Now place 9 Peepal leaves on the copper plate and then leave one Mukhi Rudraksha. With the help of fresh flowers, sprinkle Gangajal on the rosary of Rudraksha.

After this, sandalwood paste is applied to you Rudraksha and some fresh flowers are offered. Apart from this, light a lamp in addition to the vessel in which you have kept the Rudraksha. Burn some incense sticks and offer the smoke to the sacred bead. Now chant “ॐ नमः शिवाय ”, “Om Hreem Namah” 108 times with a pure and focused mind.

Now you can wear your rudraksha in cloth of silk or wool or capped in silver or gold, either around your neck or as a bracelet. Make sure the bead touches your skin so it is active and functional on the particular area.

Where to get 2 mukhi rudraksha

Before wearing 2 Mukhi Rudraksha, it is very important to invoke it with the mantras of Moon and Shiva-Parvati. You should also wear the invited 2 Mukhi Rudraksha only. The 2 mukhi rudraksha original dispatched by RudraGram is certified and will be dispatched to you only after being energized by experienced Acharyas and Pandit Ji so that you get immediate and complete benefits.

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